Brinee - storage and serving container

wise LTD
Brinee is an all- in- one storage and serving container. It is suitable for pickles, olives, cheeses and all foods that have to be stored in water, brine or oil and served without them. The container has a central piston for sucking up the liquid before serving which also serves as a handle. Both the host and the diner enjoy clean, effortless serving with no spills and without the need for and additional dish. When presented with te product's brif, we understood that the present solutions in the market do not meet all the functional demands. Containers that meet demands for storage are not suitable to be put on the table and vice-versa. The challenge was to design a product that was suitable for different environments and easy and intuitive to use. The result is an innovative product, easily produced, and protected by a patent and that gives the customer a significant competitive advantage.
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